Airline notifies Seller of changes to an Order


This worked example is a collection of different scenarios requiring the Airline to synchronize some changes in an Order back to the Seller. The following scenarios are included:

  1. Changes in the PaymentStatusCode of a payment transaction which was “PENDING“, following an Offline payment (through redirection)

  2. Changes to a passenger’s name and contact details made directly with the Airline

  3. Changes to the departure time of a flight segment (minor delay).

  4. Changes to a flight number for the same date/time of departure

  5. Planned changes to a flight itinerary, including Seller follow-up actions

  6. Cancellation of a flight (service disruption) with no re-accomodation

  7. Changes to aircraft type and operating carrier

With any use of the OrderChangeNotifRQ message, the technical consideration to observe at all times is the minimalist use of data elements, including only elements whose values have changed, and the necessary IDs that define the location of the elements. Any element whose data has not changed between two versions of an Order should be excluded from the message.