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IATA’s Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) is an infrastructure that see the upgrade of our messaging standards development capability.
It aims to become a single point of access to store structured information including:

  • Industry-agreed vocabulary

  • Data definitions and their relationships

  • Related business requirements

Each message development project can easily leverage existing models developed by other standards groups to generate interoperable messaging standards faster and with higher quality.

The standards are developed under the conference as a result of collaboration between a business sponsoring Board and the Architecture and Technology Strategy Board in accordance with Resolution 009 in their pursuit of modern data exchange standards

All new data exchange standards must follow the AIDM methodology and leverage industry agreed data definitions in the AIDM repository.



What’s define AIDM

  • This is a Vehicle for enabling future standards development

  • This is an Integrated living model enabling the automated model driven generation of message specifications

  • This is accessible by Users of models to view, extend and adapt definitions contained in the model



What benefits AIDM provides



View of the AIDM Process

All Information in one repository with rigorous structure and rich inputs and outputs